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Hiring military veterans has many distinct and well-documented benefits. Not only do business owners receive effective and efficient results from highly dedicated personnel, but they also can expect tax incentives.

Workers with Urgency

Tax Incentives

Managing Applications

Mission-Driven Employees

Business owners in every sector can benefit by hiring U.S. veterans.

Veteran workers are up to your task! These men and women have served in large organized systems – leading, creating, and innovating – in high-performance roles.  Business owners can find recent quotes from distinguished columns about the benefits of hiring these men and women.

“From world-class technical training in their occupational specialty, to the intangible skills such as discipline, leadership and the ability to think on their feet, veterans are able to continue their service to the country in a different way when they make a successful transition.”

Kim Morton, Communications Senior Associate of Military & Veterans Affairs at JP Morgan Chase

Via Business News Daily

“Veterans come from a previous culture built for mission accomplishment in mind.”

Via Business Insider

“Military people know what it means to have something that needs to be done. They have a sense of urgency and have seen the world through a big picture type mentality,” notes Davis. 

Via Business Insider

“For veterans, the basic percentage of first-year wages is 25% for those who worked at least 120 hours but fewer than 400 hours; it is 40% for those who worked at least 400 hours.”


The Best Way to Thank a Veteran Is to Hire One.


Providing the Strength™ is committed to United States military veterans of all walks of life. Providing the Strength works with equal opportnity employers and strives for justice, equality and high quality of life for the men and women who served our country so selflessly.


We are a service organziation, and we are committed to exceeding our clients expectations. We are here for every step of the journey. We connect our former service men and women to great opportunities around the United States.


Providing the Strength™ works with former and transitioning military members, and the bar these men and women set for professionalism and excellence is always high. We aim to meet that bar. We are committed to service excellence and professionalism every step of the way.

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