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Providing the Strength™ is dedicated to providing top-tier service to United States military veterans. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure great fit and purpose in their employment. 


Military to Civilian Transition

Resume Audits

Managing Applications

We are driven by a strong sense of duty to our veteran population.

Providing the Strength™ has an unwavering passion for serving our veterans. The rates of unemployment, underemployement, and even homelessness are still high. It is our duty to come alongside these men and women and offer strong opportunities in today’s workforce. We are lockstep with our clients every step of the way.

Get the Help You Need to Build the Future You Deserve Today!


We work with our clients and our qualified veterans to insure that the culture climate is a fit for both.

Military to Civilian Talent Translation

We provide personnel assistance to service members making the transition back into the civilian market.

Resume Audits

With over 40 years of talent acquisition experience, we provide one-on-one assistance on resume preparation to highlight your key skills, accomplishments, work experiences, and aspirations.

Managing Applications
We see our candidates journey through to successful employment. If there is no fit immediately, we pro-market the resume and continue our proactive pace of search and placement. We are passionately driven to find the best employment opportunities for all of our candidates.


Providing the Strength™ is committed to United States military veterans of all walks of life. Providing the Strength works with equal opportunity employers and strives for justice, equality, and high quality of life for the men and women who served our country so selflessly.


Providing the Strength™ is a service organization, and we are committed to exceeding our clients expectations. We are here for every step of the journey. We connect our former service men and women to great opportunities around the United States.


Providing the Strength™ works with former and transitioning military members, and the bar these men and women set for professionalism and excellence is always high. We aim to meet that bar. We are committed to service excellence and professionalism every step of the way.

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